Draft Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES) are now available for the Eastern and Midlands Region and the Northern and Western Region.

What are they?
The draft plans are long-term strategic planning and economic frameworks that will guide public and private investment and will support the creation of opportunities within the Regions.

Regional assets, opportunities and pressures are identified, and policy responses are proposed to provide a framework for investment to better manage spatial planning and economic development.

The draft RSES are multi-faceted and each sets out a proposed;

  1. Spatial Strategy to manage future growth;
  2. Economic Strategy to sustain a strong economy and support employment creation;
  3. Investment Framework to prioritise the delivery of infrastructure; and,
  4. Climate Action Strategy to ensure a resilient environment.

When adopted the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES) will inform lower tier plans including County Development Plans and Local Area Plans.

Why make a submission?
All sectors involved in the development process should be aware of the content of these new regional plans as they will establish the framework for the future development of all our cities and counties.

All planning applications will be measured against policies of the relevant RSES, and planning permission will normally only be given where the application is in accordance with the plan.

So, if you are a developer involved in residential, industrial, retail, commercial, renewable energy etc. have your say in the future development of your Region by making a submission.

Submission Deadlines

Eastern and Midlands – 23rd January 2019
Northern and Western – 8th February 2019