Iveagh Court, Dublin 2

Iveagh Court is a mixed-used development comprising 5 blocks ranging in height from 5 to 8 storeys.

MH Planning were engaged to;

  1. regularise the planning status of an apartment; and,
  2. in parallel to seek permission for the subdivision of the unit into duplex units.

The apartment had been the subject of several applications to City Council and on appeal to An Bord Pleanála over a 15 year period and each time permission was refused.

MH Planning set out a planning strategy based on a comprehensive review of the planning history and considering the current planning context. We identified the pertinent planning issues that in the past had led to refusal and advised the Client on the necessary input that would be required to demonstrate to the planning authority that the development is appropriate and does not result in undue adverse impacts. Effective engagement with the planning authority formed a key aspect of the consenting strategy.

Key issues of the development proposal included;

  • Design and Layout – A comprehensive and detailed daylight and shadow assessment of the impact of the existing apartment was prepared and submitted as part of the application. The assessment examined 3 scenarios that included the as built development, as built without the upper floor and as built without the upper floor and parapet. The assessment concluded that substantially similar levels of sunlight access would be available to the inner courtyard and that the proposed development would not impose any negative impact on access to daylight.
  • Visual amenity and impact on adjoining properties – A comprehensive Visual Assessment was prepared and submitted to the Planning Authority. The assessment demonstrated that the proposed development was for the most part screened from view and did not constitute a structure that could be classified as being conspicuous or visually obtrusive from any of the locations examined.
  • The need for orderly development – It was argued that the proposed development would be in keeping with the existing zoning as outlined in the Development Plan and that previous concerns relating to the height of the building were no longer applicable.


On the 20th of July 2018, Dublin City Council issued a final Grant of Permission subject to a total of 10No. conditions all of which were minor in nature.