Childcare Audit

Many Development Plans contain an objective that for residential development proposals of over 75 units, regard should be had to providing a childcare facility to accommodate at least 20 children. This recommendation is caveated with a clause that the threshold should be established having regard to the existing geographical distribution of childcare facilities and the emerging demographic profile of areas.

McCutcheon Halley can prepare a Childcare Audit on your behalf that will establish the need or otherwise for including a childcare facility within your development proposal. Our approach is to:

  • Establish the existing population profile of the area and emerging trends
  • Establish the need that would arise once your scheme is occupied
  • Determine the existing provision and use of childcare facilities available within the catchment

Having established the baseline, we will then analyse the information to provide a robust evidence-based report that will determine if there is sufficient existing capacity available to meet the predicted need of the proposed scheme. If it is concluded that a childcare facility is required to be provided as part of the residential scheme, we will advise on the number of places that should be facilitated by the development.