Pre-application Consultation

As the planning process becomes ever more collaborative, we urge all our clients to formally engage with the planning authority prior to the submission of any planning application. In our experience, pre-planning offers constructive advice that increases the likelihood of securing planning permission. The pre-application enquiry route also offers a more cost-effective approach in so far as it provides guidance on the chances of success in advance of committing higher expenditure at the application stage.

As part of our pre-application service we will prepare a bespoke presentation to structure the meeting and ensure that all relevant points are covered. In this way, we ensure that the advice we receive is targeted and provides a clear strategy for the way forward. This helps provide a greater level of certainty once an application is submitted, which in turn helps streamline the application process, resulting in a quicker and more predictable outcome.

McCutcheon Halley’s strength lies in our ability to effectively communicate technical information in a clear manner and this can be the difference between a positive and negative decision.