• Personalised Personal Development Plans
  • Hybrid Working Arrangements
  • Industry Leading Remuneration Package
  • 12-Month Structured Graduate Programme
  • Project & Client Diversity
  • Structured Intern Programme
  • Professional Member
  • European Study Trips
  • Full Remote Office Set-Up & Financial Support
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  • Inclusive Company Culture
  • Health Care
  • Death in Service
  • Life Assurance
  • Buddy Programme
  • Graduate Planning Programme

    Officially launched by 6 graduate team members from the class of 2021 who successfully completed the McCutcheon Halley Planning Graduate Programme.

    Our programme is comprised of 12 milestones and is designed to run over 12 months, providing a supportive and career-defining transition programme from academic life to their chosen career path.

    The objectives of our graduate programme are:

    • To provide Planning Graduates with a positive induction experience and a framework within which they can develop their planning skills and get the most out of their experience.
    • To ensure consistency with the implementation of company policies and practices.
    • To support Interns in developing their skills in a consistent and timely manner, maximising their contribution to their teams and the company during the Internship period.

    Every Graduate will be provided with the following:

    • An experienced mentor who will supervise their overall experience.
    • A buddy, who is normally a member of our professional team and who will help guide the graduate through adjusting from academic to working life.

    Our programme covers a wide range of real-world learning opportunities designed to fully submerge the Graduate in their chosen profession such as:

    • Experience working with a team of industry-leading professional planning consultants
    • Knowledge, Skills & Report Writing
    • Personal Drive & Management
    • Problem-Solving, Escalations & Decision Making
    • Client Relationships & Client Management
    • Practices Processes, Structure & Management
    • Project Management & Risk Management
    • Technology/Systems
    • Commercial Awareness & Business Development
    • Communication
    • Team Effectiveness