Dublin Docklands Social Infrastructure Audit 2015

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In compliance with the North Lotts & Grand Canal Dock Strategic Development Zone (SDZ), MH Planning was commissioned by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority and Dublin City Council to complete a comprehensive Social Infrastructure Audit.

The project brief was to examine the current context concerning social infrastructure facilities in the area, determine future requirements and make recommendations on priority areas for future investment. It was important that the planning scheme would deliver sustainable growth in the area, which included the pursuit of a community and social development agenda that was supported and underpinned by local objectives, providing for the delivery of important social infrastructure.

The MH Planning team engaged extensively with residents, businesses, community groups and statutory and non-statutory infrastructure providers and worked closely with representatives of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) and Dublin City Council’s Docklands Team, to deliver an asset-based approach to community development.

Key activities dealt with by McCutcheon Halley on behalf of the client included:

Baseline Survey

Establishing the existing infrastructure provision through multiple data sources including Dublin City Council Community Maps.

Stakeholder Engagement

Collecting the knowledge, views and advice of infrastructure providers through online questionnaires.

Geodirectory Database

Collating the significant information collected into a GIS mapping exercise to establish the spatial distribution of Infrastructure.

Detailed Site Visit

Information validation and further stakeholder engagement through detailed site visits with many key infrastructure providers.

Demographic Profiling and Projections

Assessment of the demographic profile of the area based on census data and projected growth using CSO methodology and best practices to determine future needs.

Future Needs Assessment

Assessment of future needs based upon demographic profiling against the existing infrastructure provision.

Priorities and Recommendations

Summarising recommendations for social infrastructure provision within the planning scheme.


The Social Infrastructure Audit has been a key tool in determining infrastructure to be included in development applications and has contributed to evidence-based planning. McCutcheon Halley has been retained to review the Audit in 2018 and update the recommendations for future development in the North Lotts & Grand Canal Dock SDZ and the proposed Poolbeg West SDZ.

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