Residential Development – Park Laurance/Glasheen, Kinsale, Co. Cork

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Permission was secured from Cork County Council for the construction of a residential development consisting of 86 no. residential units compromising of 1 no. childcare facility and all associated site development works including access, parking, footpaths, drainage, landscape, and amenity areas at a site located at Park Laurance/Glasheen, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

The development will provide a mix of six different house types and will provide a high-quality residential development which is in keeping with the surrounding area – particularly to the adjacent site ‘Abbeyfort’ estate which is immediately south of the site.  The development also provides excellent pedestrian connections and large public open spaces to provide a sustainable environment.

McCutcheon Halley acted as planning consultants and project coordinator for this proposed scheme. During the process of the application, McCutcheon Halley were responsible for all planning related matters from inception through to decision of the development.

Key issues dealt with by McCutcheon Halley on behalf of the client included:


During the process of the planning application, the Council queried how the development achieved the zoning objective as it related to a larger piece of zoned land which required a relief road. McCutcheon Halley engaged with the Local Authority to outline how the development had regard to the future relief road and the development provided pedestrian and cycleway linkages to the south in compliance with the zoning objective. McCutcheon Halley successfully outlined how the proposed development had regard to the requirements of the zoning objective and demonstrated how the development can be entirely independent of the relief road yet have regard to the wider zoning objective while delivering much needed housing in the Kinsale area.


Following the engagement with the Local Authority, the application received by Cork County Council which was received on the 5th July 2023.

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