First-Party Appeals

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It is a testament to our excellent record that McCutcheon Halley is frequently engaged with clients to assist in resolving negative decisions. We bring a fresh perspective by reviewing all the submitted documentation and we can strengthen your position by highlighting areas that may have been neglected by the design team or misunderstood by the Planning Authority. We have the added advantage of maintaining a watchful eye on case law that can be used to support your proposal.

All projects are assessed on the basis that they could eventually be decided “de novo” (as if the application has been made to it in the first instance) by An Bord Pleanála. If we advise that you pursue an appeal, we will work with you to prepare and submit a well-considered, persuasive appeal.

Our team is also highly skilled in preparing First-Party contribution appeals and has saved clients hundreds of thousands of euros by reviewing the Development Contributions levied by a Local Authority against the Development Contributions Guidelines for Planning Authorities.