Planning Applications

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Delivering a planning application can be a slow and arduous process resulting in lengthy and costly delays to the delivery of your project if it is not handled correctly. 

McCutcheon Halley can manage the delivery of your application, advising on the planning requirements and specialist input required and liaising with the appointed design team to ensure that all reports are robust and will withstand scrutiny. By engaging McCutcheon Halley to act as your planning consultant to manage the application from inception to a decision, we will have oversight of all aspects of the development proposal and can quickly identify issues, thereby limiting the need for unnecessary requests for further information.

We understand that conditions attached to planning permissions need to be carefully considered at the application stage to avoid onerous conditions that may prove expensive or unworkable for the development. To avoid this, we will carefully review each of the supporting reports and ensure that you are comfortable with the proposal before lodging the application.

Following the submission of your application, we will track its progress and keep you informed of any observations made on the file. On receipt of the Planning Authority’s decision, we will provide a comprehensive review of the conditions attached and any relevant internal reports.

Acting as Planning Consultant McCutcheon Halley will:

  • Provide Planning Advice on requirements
  • Advise on specialist input required
  • Procure the services of external consultants
  • Technically review expert reports
  • Ensure consistency across disciplines
  • Review proposed mitigation measures to ensure they are both achievable and cost-efficient
  • Prepare a bespoke Planning Statement that demonstrates compliance with applicable policy and outlines the overall proposal in detail
  • Perform a validation check on all materials before submission