Policy and Zoning Submissions

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McCutcheon Halley has the in-house expertise to analyse and evaluate published draft documents to inform you on how emerging policy, guidelines and legislation might impact your development. We are involved in projects across all sectors of development and we offer strategic advice to provide the best service. In making an observation on your behalf, we will ensure that a robust and well-informed submission that best represents your interests is made.

Public bodies consult widely and systematically when preparing new policies and guidelines. This process reflects the fact that the decision-making process benefits from having the widest range of views and the fullest information on a particular issue. We provide timely advice on promoting a site and the implications of any changes in the policy framework. To realise our client’s development aspirations, we can guide you through the planning process and engage with the planning authority. The effective promotion of policy and land use change is one of McCutcheon Halley’s core strengths and can mark the beginning of a successful project for you.

We have represented clients in relation to all other aspects of the Irish Planning Process which have included National Policy, Development Plan, Local Area Plans, Draft Policy and Guidelines, Residential Zone Land Tax, as well as proposed transport policies such as BusConnects.

Development Plan Submission

As part of the Development Plan process, members of the public have three opportunities to make a written submission or observation regarding the development plan. At each stage of the plan preparation process, the planning authority will publish a statutory notice in one or more newspapers circulating in that area.

Firstly, during a pre-draft consultation period, before the preparation of a draft plan; secondly, during a draft plan public display period on completion and publication of the draft plan; and thirdly following the council members’ decision to make material amendments to the draft plan.

The first stage in securing the future development potential of a site is through engaging with the Development Plan making process. County Development and Local Area Plans set out the planning authority’s land use planning strategy for the development of urban and rural areas and are key documents that planning authorities use to assess and determine planning applications. McCutcheon Halley is ideally placed to promote policy changes and prepare land use zoning submissions on your behalf. Many of our team have previously worked in forwarding planning roles and have directed the preparation of Development Plans on behalf of a range of Local Authorities. We, therefore, have a fundamental knowledge of all stages of the plan preparation process.