Strategic Housing Development – Annabella, Mallow, Co. Cork

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McCutcheon Halley secured permission for the construction of 299 no. residential units (consisting of 185 no. houses and 114 no. apartments), a neighbourhood creche, and associated site works at Annabella, Mallow under the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process. The scheme has an urban element that provides 2.5-storey duplex apartments located at the entrance of the site that is integrated with the unique topography of the land.

The scheme, located approximately 35 km from Cork City, has been designed to provide a wide range of high-quality residential units that will bring much needed housing to Mallow. To ensure visual integration of the development, the design team collaborated in delivering a layout that focuses on protecting and enhancing the areas of high biodiversity value within the site.

Acting as Planning Lead and Project Coordinator, McCutcheon Halley was responsible for all planning aspects of the project, from the coordination of the design team to the preparation and submission of the planning application documentation.

Key issues dealt with by McCutcheon Halley on behalf of the client included:

Design & Layout: McCutcheon Halley provided advice on the quantum of development to be accommodated within the site to maximise the development density in accordance with the relevant national guidance as well as the site-specific zoning objective, while also considering the challenges posed by the site’s specific constraints including its steep gradient to the north of the site.

Traffic & Congestion: The potential impact of traffic generated by the proposed development on both local and national road infrastructure, specifically Kennel Hill and the N72 was of specific importance. Close cooperation with Cork County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland, as well as the submission of a Traffic and Transport Assessment and Construction Traffic Management Plan helped to identify the level of development that could be accommodated on site in tandem with the necessary upgrades to both the local and national road network. These specific documents resolved any traffic concerns and McCutcheon Halley secured permission for the scheme in its entirety.


An Bord Pleanála issued a grant of permission for this scheme on 31st May 2022 with 26 conditions where they considered that the “the proposed density, design, layout and height of the scheme is appropriate in this context and would result in the creation of a new distinct residential development which complements the established pattern of development with wider benefits, such as the delivery of a significant quantum of ABP-312640-21 Inspector’s Report Page 48 of 116 housing, the opening up of the site via connectivity to adjacent sites and would support the consolidation of the urban area.”

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