Social Infrastructure Audit

A Social Infrastructure Audit (SIA) examines and analyses the accessibility and capacity of existing social infrastructure facilities, to determine future requirements and make recommendations on priority areas for future investment.

McCutcheon Halley prepared a SIA on behalf of Dublin City Council for the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme. Since completion, the Audit has had played a significant role in ensuring all new developments within the Dublin Docklands must take account of existing social infrastructure and provide for new community services where required.

SIAs are frequently required to inform the design of large-scale residential development. McCutcheon Halley can prepare a SIA at the earlies stage in your design process that will establishe the existing level of facilities and services within an accessible range of your development area. Our audits will identify the quantum of existing open space, education, health care and other community facilities in the vicinity of your site and will make recommendations on the likely key requirements for community infrastructure that may be required within your development proposal.